• Eric

A new name, same people.

Well, it’s official: The Dead Again Podcast shall now and forevermore be known as Strange Aeons Radio! What the hell? Well, as Eric and I were wrapping up the last couple of episodes of Season One, we knew we were going into 2019 with a slight format change… we were phasing out the Dead Again Double Feature Challenge in favor of a broader discussion of films, and it just became apparent that we had drifted further and further away from what the name “Dead Again” had represented.

At the same time, “Strange Aeons” is also undergoing some changes. Strange Aeons Magazine (of which I am the Executive Editor and Eric is the Business Manager) is going on indefinite hiatus, even as Strange Aeons (The Brand) is expanding into bigger and better publishing and film venues, and it just seemed a no-brainer to take advantage of that brand. It allows us to reach out to more guests, to discuss a broader range of genres, and to even dip our toes into something brand new… radio dramas! Stay tuned for news on “Strange Aeons Radio presents…”!!!

So, don’t worry! There’s some new stuff on the way, but there’s still going to be the same amount of swearing, drinking, and general bromancing going on. There will be new guests, but lots of returning ones! Plenty of Win, Place, Show and The Price is Fright, but also an interactive discussion with YOU (we hope!) in the form of HorrorOr! We promise that it will all be a ton of fun.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think, and thank you for all the wonderful feedback. You guys seriously rock!

Ia! Ia!


The Strange Aeons Radio Podcast is three film school nerds with nothing better to do than discuss genre film, television, books, and comics.

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