Places we Try to Be or Will Be

When / Where
Portland Or. The Hollywood Theater

When / Where:

Unsure for 2020

Issaquah International Film Festival

Eric is the Festival Director for this festival in conjunction with Seattle International FIlm Festival. 

When / Where:

Seattle, WA Double Tree in Seatac

September 2020


 The 24th Annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR on October, 2019!  We don't run this, but we have had many films screened here and have been attending for more than ten years. 

Crypticon Seattle 

Both Eric and Kelly are heavily involved in this NW horror convention. Eric is the festival director for the Crypticon Seattle Film Festival. Kelly does several panels every year; occasionally Eric joins him. 

When / Where
Seattle, WA Double Tree in Seatac

April 9-12 2020

The Strange Aeons Radio Podcast is three film school nerds with nothing better to do than discuss genre film, television, books, and comics.

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